Is Trump Still President (As A Service)



ITSPAAS (Is Trump Still President As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of checking if Donald Trump is still President of the US.

ITSPAAS is a free API, and is based on the work done for FOAAS. Please support FOASS by donating to it via BitCoin: 15ninYEyPs5VUDjaDLqCUEaKsg84LQvPQP


Content Negotiation

ITSPAAS will respond to the following 'Accept:' values with appropriate content


Path Description
/version Will return content with the current ITSPAAS version number.
/operations Will return a JSON list of operations with names and fields. Note: JSON Only
/daysleft Will return the number of days left in the Trump Presidency
/itsp/Tom/Bob Will return "Sadly Yes, Tom, Donald Trump is the stil US President - Bob"
/putin/Tom/Bob Will Return who is really in charge
/me/Tom Will return "Fuck me, yes Donald Trump is still the US President - Tom"
/gibbon/Tom/Bob Returns the same data as /itsp, with the adjectives used by PA State Sen. Daylin Leach on 02/08/2017
/taxes/Tom/Bob Will return the state of the release of Donald Trump's taxes
/eo13769 Returns the status of Executive Order 13769 (aka Muslim Ban)
/impeachedi/Tom/Bob Returns the Status of the impeachment.


Filters are optional output modifiers, and are specified by adding the filter name as query to the HTTP request, e.g.

Caveat: All filters internally call the stated external services, and as such the latency and availability of API calls using these features cannot be guaranteed.

Name Description
shoutcloud Integration with the ShoutCloud service. Please see for details.
i18n Translation provided by Specifying ?i18n on its own will attempt to detect your browser language, or you can specify the language to translate to using the ISO 639-1 language code, i.e. ?i18n=es

Filters can be used in combinations, e.g.


ITSPAAS will eventually be replaced with a service that just says "No" after January 20, 2021.

All contributions are very welcome.

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Created by @ksonney

Based on FOASS which is Maintained with loving Profanity by @philip2156, @chris_beckett